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New West Coast Political Union

"Ecological awareness, at its deepest level, is spiritual awareness."

--Ecotopia, by Ernest Callenbach

Its time for the western coastal states of the United States (California, Oregon and Washington State), along with perhaps Hawaii and Alaska, to formally break off, cede from the nation and form a new sovereign political nation-state union, which i recommend be called, "Pacifica".

The state of California, in and of itself, is the 5th largest economy in the world. California, along with the entire west coast of America, is suffering from the devestating effects of global climate change. As of 2018, the national government of the United States is a "climate denier" administration. The highly enlightened, cutting edge, left wing, progressive states of the US West Coast have the institutional, intellectual and political imperative now to break away from the extreme right wing corporate oil and gas industry controlled nationalistic government that rules over the nation from Washington, DC (District of Criminals).

With vision and enlightened leadership, a new western states political union such as "Pacifica"- freed from the constraints of a retrograde US nationalist government- will be in a position to help forge a new sustainable, green based economy for itself and the world.

Steve Jones
aka- Jonas the Prophet
San Francisco, California

April 20, 2024


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