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Planet Management: The New World Enterprise

“The more clearly we can focus our attention on the wonders and realities of the universe, the less taste we shall have for destruction.”

―Rachel Carson

Planet management is the new world enterprise for the 21st century. The current military-industrial-intelligence-security-complex, which is primarily focused and oriented towards war, weapons, oppression, control, death and destruction, must now be done away with permanently to make way for the sustainable and intelligent management of the planet.

The current trajectory of the global war economy is eventual species extinction. The new trajectory of sustainable planet management will ensure humanity's prosperity and continuity well into the 21st century and beyond.

The critical variable in the balance now is human consciousness. Since consciousness is the foundation for all reality, the shift or evolution of human consciousness from the ways of militarism and war profiteering (the dark side) to the ways of sustainability and planet management (the light side) is the next critical evolutionary step necessary for the human species to make. This transition will mark either a species breakthrough or a species breakdown- an extinction event or a conscious evolution into an advanced, intelligent and survivable world civilization.

The central key component in helping to make this transition is energy. The shift from militarism to sustainability must be accompanied by a complimentary shift away from an antiquated and environmentally destructive hydrocarbon economy and towards a non-polluting, sustainable, alternative free energy economy.

The shift to a free energy society will end the threat of global climate change, which is, in reality, the #1 international security threat to the planet, not the overhyped and government funded "terrorist" threat on which such suspicious institutions such as the US Dept of Homeland Security were founded.

Free energy, in the forms of zero point generated electricity and antigravitic power and propulsion, will provide human civilization with unlimited sources of free, non-polluting energy. Other alternative energy sources such as solar, wind, geothermal, tidal etc... will provide additional supplimental energy needed for a sustainable society.

Its time to build a Green World Order. Sustainable management of all air, land and water resources of the planet must become a central top priority. It is the preservation and enhancement of life and not its destruction that must now become the primary incentive for the advancement and future evolution of human civilization. The current military-industrial-intelligence-security complex cannot and will not survive the 21st century, simply because it is mis-guided, antiquated and grossly inadequate to the task of transiting our civilization onto a path of sustainability and survival.

Management of the Earth's critical finite resources will ensure that every man, woman and child on Earth will have enough resources to live and prosper within the coming years, decades and centuries. We will also be preserving our natural environmental habitats in the process, which will sustain and protect the plant and animal life with whom we share this planet with.

The great shift into developing the consciousness, intelligence and advanced evolutionary impulse for planet management must begin now. Time itself is the most precious and scarce resource we have now that our ecological life support systems are beginning to break down all around us. Already, it has been estimated that by 2025, up to 1/3rd of humanity will lack access to basic water resources and sanitation. In the north polar regions of the Arctic, some of the most devastating consequences of global climate change are taking place. It will be between 2017- 2020 where we will witness, for the first time in human history, the complete Meltdown of the North Pole and an ice free Arctic. We are also currently experiencing the 6th great mass extinction of species on Earth, where we are losing tens of thousands of species annually from the world's genetic gene pool of life.

As of 2017, world population stands at roughly 7.5 billion. This is 3 times the 'carrying capacity' of the Earth's ability to uphold and sustain human civilization. We need comprehensive world education on this subject and an enforcable 1 child per family policy implemented throughout every nation on Earth until we can get world population numbers stabilized and reduced over time. 2-3 billion people, living green, sustainable lifestyles is about the optimal number for managing the planet's population.

The new world enterprise of planet management will require the complete overturning and overthrow of the existing world order founded upon war, weapons, death and destruction. The exploitation, plunder and selfish maximization of profit over peoples welfare and the biosphere must and will come to a complete and utter end.

Instead of promulgating the values of greed, selfishness and exclusivity at the expense of others and the biosphere when we conduct out daily business affairs, we will instead cultivate the higher principles and values of cooperation, sharing and compassion towards others. We will work collectively to preserve and manage our living environments for the benefit of all. As Al Gore correctly noted in his book, "Earth in the Balance", we will employ and operate our lives from a strategic environmental initiative, where the central organizing principle of our socieities will be to preserve, protect and defend our civilization from all environmental threats, both foreign and domestic.

With weapons, warfare and the need for a military-industrial-intelligence-security complex ended, the human species can focus its talents, energies, intelligence and innovation towards the proper management of the planet and its resources. Planet management will, in reality, become the mechanism we will use as a species to Save the Planet. At this late hour with over 50% of the life and life support systems on Earth already destroyed, it will take a Global Marshall Plan to bring in the necessary evolutionary strategies, intelligence, institutions and infrastructure necessary to pull our civilization and planet back from the brink of utter and complete destruction.

As we evolve into the 21st century as a species, we must and will learn to control and manage world population levels. In the area of energy, we will abandon the environmentally destructive fossil fuel burning hydrocarbon economy, and instead, harness the unlimited free energies of both Zero-Point and Antigravity for electricity, power and propulsion. Managing the planet's air, water and land resources will require intelligence, an ethic of environmental stewardship and the incorporation of the native american principle of preserving our life support systems for the 7th generation.

Planet management is the new world enterprise for human civilization at this very late hour. All it takes to shift into this new domain of endeavor is a change (or evolution) in human consciousness. As Neil Armstrong said as he stepped upon the moon, its "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind".

Steve Jones
aka- Jonas the Prophet
NAU- Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, Arizona

=> November 6, 2018

A Global Renaissance

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